Sunday, July 31, 2011

PhilAmLife Insurance Educational Plan and chosing the right Agent

Being a Shaw Boulevard regular does not necessarily mean that I am just a nobody who doesn't know anything about life insurance. In fact, I stumbled upon an agent from a previous personal experience of mine with my wifey and it made it clear to me that eventhough you are suppost to invest on trust for your insurance application to a provider or a company with prestige and trust in their name, there are insurance agents that you cannot really rely on when it comes to remittance of your insurance premium.

Indeed, it is harder to put your trust on a worthy agent rather than on the company with which he or she serves. Why? Just like I told you, on a personal experience, we were able to stumble upon an insurance agent who doesn't remit some (if not all) her customer's premiums. What happens if this occurs to you or your account, then?

Well, the insurance company, which happened to be PhilAm Life has our daughter's account having short payments. little by little because we filed for a loan using our daughter's educational plan, it ate up all the remaining balances we ever paid for for at least 5 years of my working life as an rank and file employee. It was such a waste to not be able to chose carefully who the agent will be for our remittance although we had our own shortcommings by not being able to pay on time, you can avoid it by checking on the professional profile of your insurance agent.

As for me and my wife, there will never be a wait and see with regards to paying and chosing the right agent. I learned in my experience that you should be the one to go check on the agent's profile in the company to which he or she serves as part of your obligation as the payee, you should check on a regular basis if your agent did remit the payment you are giving to him/ her. This way, you may be able to avoide what actually happened to me and my wife wherein at least 4 payments were not remitted under our daughter's educational plan.

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