Thursday, July 14, 2011

Show me yours I'll show you mine

I've had quite a few adventures myself talking about romance. I've been to jeepney hot seat with middle aged ladies but what I loved most is sitting right next to a fellow student from another university while taking the jeepney ride home to Caloocan where I live. I am by nature a romatic shaw boy (showy) so I make sure that my everyday life is full of fun and lovable moments to remember and keep in my thoughts as happy thoughts.

I love nature and I love recalling happy moments I can only call nostalgic ones. I've been to different sorts of funny tragedies in life and what I loved most is the pressure of it. Feeling the adrenalin coming and the hot blood flowing in the head and the body.

I love to travel by car when it is raining. The reason is because very few motorcycles are out to ride in the rain. The riders are the most undisciplined drivers in the Philippines and this is why I so hate traveling with these people on the street.

I've shown quite a few of mine, how about you showing yours?

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