Sunday, July 31, 2011

PhilAmLife Insurance Educational Plan and chosing the right Agent

Being a Shaw Boulevard regular does not necessarily mean that I am just a nobody who doesn't know anything about life insurance. In fact, I stumbled upon an agent from a previous personal experience of mine with my wifey and it made it clear to me that eventhough you are suppost to invest on trust for your insurance application to a provider or a company with prestige and trust in their name, there are insurance agents that you cannot really rely on when it comes to remittance of your insurance premium.

Gandang Gabi Vice guests Enchong Dee, Enrique Gil and JM de Guzman

Finally, in a once in a lifetime appearance, 3 of the handsomest young actors of today in the Philippines is guesting in the program of Vice Ganda in Gandang Gabi Vice.

These 3 guys were JM De Guzman, Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee. The comedy show had light on the stage when the guys appeared one by one. Find out more about the upcoming guests in Gandang Gabi Vice episodes soon here at Shaw Boy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

NSO Hotline: Telephone Number Customer Service

Ever had problems with your birth certificate? CENOMAR? Marriage Certificate? Here is my post for all of you who might just be looking for the official NSO hotline telephone number / contact details so you can make inquiry. For other NSO branches, please refer to our sidebar with Gov category. As I write this, I am currently watching Magandang Gabi Vice with guests Ryan Bang, Jon Avila and Melanie Marquez.

NSO Hotline Telephone Number: (02) 737-1111

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Delicious Chinese restaurant in Ongpin: Never as special as before

Somewhere in the heart of Ongpin is where you can find one of the oldest running Chinese restaurant called Delicious. Not so sure today what it is called as the original deli became not so delicious anymore just like the old days. The chef who cooks must've been a new one and the old cooks must've found another place to stay or work with.

I remember back when I used to work in the old Hotel Mirador in San Marcelino, now called Manila Prince Hotel (MPH) One of the guards in the hotel had his wife working in Delicious restaurant and we occasionally buy their special Pancit Miki Bihon to eat at night when the hotel is already closed of the construction going on.

Every Christmas celebration we had there was full of deli from Delicious restaurant from Pata Tim to their special Pancit and fried chicked special. Today, me and my wife went there and we were so surprised that the restaurant doesn't use (babasaging plato) breakable plates anymore. They gave us the non-breakable glass and plates and the taste of the food is not as delicious as before.

But in fairness, the Special Pancit is still special and good in taste. It just lost the bit of soupy creamy texture upon order.

Shaw Boy goes to Bliss Fruit Trees by Bernie Dizon

Are you looking to buy exotic fruit trees? Chokanan Mango, Longkong Lanzones, Golden Queen, Nandukmai, Rongrein Rambutan, Luz Calamansi, Latexless Jackfruit, Variegated Chico, Davao Pomelo, Macopa variety and more... Well, we went to the Bernie Dizon small pwesto in UP and bought some for personal backyard farming.

Me and my wife Ana enjoyed taking a look at the small (shall i call it) farm of the Dizons and we love looking at the fruit trees they are selling out there.

Show me yours I'll show you mine

I've had quite a few adventures myself talking about romance. I've been to jeepney hot seat with middle aged ladies but what I loved most is sitting right next to a fellow student from another university while taking the jeepney ride home to Caloocan where I live. I am by nature a romatic shaw boy (showy) so I make sure that my everyday life is full of fun and lovable moments to remember and keep in my thoughts as happy thoughts.

I love nature and I love recalling happy moments I can only call nostalgic ones. I've been to different sorts of funny tragedies in life and what I loved most is the pressure of it. Feeling the adrenalin coming and the hot blood flowing in the head and the body.

I love to travel by car when it is raining. The reason is because very few motorcycles are out to ride in the rain. The riders are the most undisciplined drivers in the Philippines and this is why I so hate traveling with these people on the street.

I've shown quite a few of mine, how about you showing yours?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shaw Boy comes and goes

Shaw Boy is here. Prepare to be touched in a post or two with what we have to say to any of you and my own personal voyage and travels. If you want to contact me, you may do so using my comment section. Please be assured that I am here simply to blog about myself and what interests me.

Whatever happens, I am here to blog and solely to blog about stuff I love, not love and like and not like. This means I am here to do what interests me and also what others do. Have fun and be happy.