Thursday, July 14, 2011

Delicious Chinese restaurant in Ongpin: Never as special as before

Somewhere in the heart of Ongpin is where you can find one of the oldest running Chinese restaurant called Delicious. Not so sure today what it is called as the original deli became not so delicious anymore just like the old days. The chef who cooks must've been a new one and the old cooks must've found another place to stay or work with.

I remember back when I used to work in the old Hotel Mirador in San Marcelino, now called Manila Prince Hotel (MPH) One of the guards in the hotel had his wife working in Delicious restaurant and we occasionally buy their special Pancit Miki Bihon to eat at night when the hotel is already closed of the construction going on.

Every Christmas celebration we had there was full of deli from Delicious restaurant from Pata Tim to their special Pancit and fried chicked special. Today, me and my wife went there and we were so surprised that the restaurant doesn't use (babasaging plato) breakable plates anymore. They gave us the non-breakable glass and plates and the taste of the food is not as delicious as before.

But in fairness, the Special Pancit is still special and good in taste. It just lost the bit of soupy creamy texture upon order.

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