Friday, June 7, 2013

NLE Results 2013 will be out in PRC website in 2-4 weeks

Probably in 2-4 weeks, the official NLE June 2013 result will be out and announced by the PRC. You can visit their website for the official and one most reliable and complete list of nursing board passers for this year. December will be yet another month to take the exam as the event takes place twice a year on a regular basis since the controversy.

Anyway, we've all been over that as well as the nursing industry in the Philippines and I know for one that this will be the biggest lesson ever learned from being unfair to all or some. Pinoy nurses were one of the best and I know they still are.

We, Filipinos are by nature so caring that our jobs in the medical industry cannot be just taken for granted by some abusive people. Let us all uplift the morale of nurses and let the whole world know that despite shortcomings and obstacles, we are here to take care of people. Let's pass the nursing licensure exam this year and increase in numbers. Shawboy says - Kudos!

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